The Antti Jussila - Transform
The Antti Jussila - Transform


The Antti Jussila

The Antti jussila Pro Model
Antti Jussila stacked more footage last season than some companies’ entire pro team. When you ride as much as Antti and in the harshest conditions, you want a mitt that wont ever let you down. You might not hit that quad kink in the arctic circle like Antti does but if you wanted to, this mitt has your back.

Cold weather mitten
Full leather construction
Low profile shape
Thinsulate insulation

Touchscreen compatible
Finger stash liner
Hipora waterproof inserts

Reinforced palm
Oversized nose wipe thumb area

Neoprene stretch thumb

Wrist leash
Comfort cuff

Clips for glove attachment

Unisex sizing